Welcome to Run Jordan

Our vision is to build a pro-active NGO engaged in organizing running events and programs for Jordanians of all age categories and physical abilities. Run Jordan is supporting efforts to position our country as an international sporting venue in coordination with official athletic bodies, particularly the Jordan Olympic Committee and the Jordan Athletics Federation.

The origins of our new organization can be traced to the Amman International Marathon – an entity established in 2009 to organize the first marathon road race in the heart of the Jordanian capital. The original founders of the Amman International Marathon include the Greater Amman Municipality and the Neurological Society – an NGO with a long tradition of organizing running events in the country, namely the Dead Sea Ultra Marathon and the Red Sea Half Marathon. The Beirut Marathon Association was also an early supporter of the effort to organize the first Amman Marathon. After four years of successfully organizing a marathon event in Amman, a decision was made by the members of the Amman International Marathon to transform the organization into Run Jordan.

The members and partners of Run Jordan include: the Greater Amman Municipality; the Jordan Tourism Board; the Jordan Olympic Committee; the Jordan Paralympic Committee; the Jordan Athletics Federation; the Public Directorates for Public Safety and the Gendarmerie; the International Association of Athletics Federations; the Association of International Marathon and Distance Races; and a broad range of corporate sponsors and partners from the private sector.